My Charitable Activities


I am the founder of Children’s International, NFP is a not-for-profit organization that was founded, organized and run by a Romanian group of women volunteers. It is an entity that assumes its role in implementing the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the United Nations (“Convention”). The NFP relies on partnerships with community members and organizations to effectuate these ideologies. As a forum, it uses the International Children’s Day event, which is an international event celebrated throughout the world. With this community involvement, Children’s International has been hosting a free event for the benefit of all children annually since 2013. There is no entrance fee, no fees for any of the activities, no fees for the food or beverages that are provided to the children, and no other hidden fees. Moreover, children receive a free International Children’s Day T-Shirt, based on availability.

Ioana was awarded a Distinction of Merit from the vice president of Romanian Parliament

Each year, Children’s International selects an article from the Convention and develops a theme around that article at the International Children’s Day event. It aims to establish long-term programs on a yearly basis, incorporating that theme in various forms. The 2017 theme was education.

Education is the basic foundation to a child’s development. It is the tool that provides children with the skills to navigate the world. These skills include basic literacy and numeracy, as well as the ability to communicate, complete tasks and work with others. Our duty as educators, whether as parents or a school system, is not only to transmit knowledge and information, but also to help our students broaden their horizons, prepare them for life in a global world. Education goes beyond the space limitations of the classroom or the time limitations of the school schedule. It is an ongoing process that involves both teachers and students, inside and outside of the school premises.

In this context, Children’s International established a pen pal system and a student exchange program with foreign schools and Chicago Public Schools. To date, Children’s International has paired four US schools with foreign schools. Ten students participated in a mini student exchange 2017.

An academic exchange and a pen pal system between schools will expose students to an educational environment that combines the formal and informal educational components. It reveals social, cultural and economic alternatives to the lifestyle to which they are accustomed. The emphasis on a multiculturalist and globalist aim is to develop an intercultural relationship between global youth. The academic components educate the student in a unique environment enlightening the student with various teaching approaches of another nation. It would provide students an opportunity to learn about other cultures by developing personal relationships with international students. The programs also enable local students and international students the opportunity to gain new perspectives by exchanging ideas and customs. In order to promote and strengthen cultural ties, to broaden student experience and perceptions, it is essential for the young generation to experience first-hand cross-cultural differences through various channels. One such medium is via an academic exchange, and pen pal system with another school in a foreign country.

A school that opens its doors to international programs also opens the doors to an exchange of friendship and ideas between the host country youth and their international peers. The exchange and pen pal system provide an opportunity for students to learn about the wider world, gain awareness of cultural differences and develop a broader more accepting view of others. The experience enables exchange students to appreciate different societies, social and economic principles. A joint participation between the host and participating high school enlightens a generation of young citizens in an increasingly global world. The scholarly exchange is a transformative experience for all of its participants, a chance to build meaningful connections that often last well beyond the duration of the program.


I am a co-founder of the Romanian American Business Club, NFP (“RABC”). The purpose of shall be engaged in the development and perpetuation of business development and as a forum for networking, business development and to facilitate profit and growth of Romanian businesses in collaboration with American businesses in the Midwest and internationally. It also functions as a mentoring system whereby established business owners can provide advice and guidance to start up company owners. RABC has engaged in numerous education seminars providing its participants with opportunities to, not only inform on various topics of interest, but create a link between interested parties. Please find attached the seminars that RABC has hosted.

RABC has hosted several forums including:

City of Chicago Panel Discussion with Commissioners from the Department of Buildings, Department of Zoning, and Section 8. — This panel discussion was established to connect individuals and businesses in the industry with the relevant partners in the real estate and construction industry.

Tom Durkin –Crime and Punishment – A discussion with criminal attorney, Tom Durkin, regarding criminal procedure and the legal system.

Michael Mounts –International tax implications and analysis of corporate and individual involved in transatlantic businesses.

Dores Dunn of JP Morgan Chase- Discussion on investment strategies to best maximize profit and lessen cost.