Candidacy Statement

“I have been practicing civil law nearly eighteen years, in both state and federal court, in Illinois, New York, and Washington DC, which makes me a well-rounded professional. My litigation experience expands in numerous areas of law, ranging from ERISA, insurance defense, first-party insurance, mechanic’s liens, worker’s compensation, complex commercial disputes, failed bank and successor bank issues, and sovereign immunity issues. I have a substantial dispositive motion and deposition practice. I have successfully argued a 250 million Euro government case in the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.Given my life experiences, I am a little piece of various facets of society. These experiences have endowed me with the qualities of a judge that, I believe, individuals would want from a judge who will impact their lives. I hope to demonstrate that perseverance and hard work will result in success… to give those who lack the bravery to pursue a goal that seems distant, the courage to proceed forward and those who doubt, to make them believe that impossible is nothing.

My father defected from Romania as a result of the complete prohibition of freedom. After his departure, I was beaten in school, my family members lost their jobs and we were often under house arrest. We obtained political asylum and moved to Detroit, Michigan. With the help of food stamps, we survived. My family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where I obtained a political science degree from the University of Michigan and was offered a scholarship at Loyola School of Law.
Given the oppressive nature of the Communist system, I have acquired a temperament that is calm, courteous and one that respects ideas to which I do not necessarily adhere. Raising three boys has taught me to listen patiently, assess all opinions, and communicate with individuals of different personalities, even in hostile mediums.
I had to assume adult responsibilities as a child, forcing me to acquire a certain discipline. I studied and worked with meticulousness, improving on my weaknesses. This discipline was further developed, while I was a solo practitioner, given that I had to balance motherhood and a prosperous, but demanding career. I believe that this discipline will help me manage the courtroom docket in an efficient manner.
I left a country that was culturally homogeneous, socialist and Communist, and embraced a culturally diverse, democratic and capitalist system. This made me open-minded, as I met individuals from different sectors of society, with varying approaches to life. My new life taught me to think outside the box. I learned to confront prejudice and even hidden biases and that divergent perspective can result in unique solutions. I believe that this approach is important in situations where complex cases linger, the parties reach an impasse and standard approaches do not yield an efficient result. My struggles to raise myself from poverty endowed me with the humility necessary to treat all participants with the innate respect and equal consideration each human being deserves.”