Bar Ratings and Endorsements

Bar Ratings

  • Chicago Council of Lawyers: Qualified
  • Cook County Bar Association: Recommended
  • Asian American Bar Association of Chicago: Qualified
  • Black Women Lawyers’ Association of Greater Chicago: Recommended
  • Hellenic Bar Association: Recommended
  • Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago: Recommended
  • Puerto Rican Bar Association of Illinois: Recommended

The most important endorsement comes from Ioana’s young boys – Sebastian, Alexandru si Andrei

Endorsed by 26th Ward Democratic Organization Committeeman /Alderman Roberto Maldonado

Endorsed by Committeeman Kevin Bailey

Endorsed by Chief Apostle Dr William McCoy

Chief Apostle Dr. William McCoy, Pastor of Brothers Keepers Outreach International Ministries and NU Hope Community Slating Outreach Endorsed Ioana Salajanu for Cook County Circuit Court Judge.

Endorsed by Dr. Willie Wilson

Bennie Adegbuyi

#1 contender in the world in official GLORY heavyweight rankings

Benny Adegbuyi și Ioana Salajanu candidata la poziția de judecător in Cook County pe 20 Martie, 2018.Benny is a fighter!Ioana is a fighter!Benny is supporting Ioana for Judge. You should too! VOTE on March 20th!

Posted by Chicago Romanian American News on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Adriana Antoni – De la casa noastra la a voastra

My Movie

Ioana Salajanu si ADRIANA ANTONI -- De la casa noastra la casa voastra !

Posted by Michael Drayton Page II on Thursday, March 15, 2018